La BackBeat drummers, and what they are saying...

Joe Mekler

Frank's a good man with a great product that I fully believe in and am happy to endorse!! F*&% the big companies! They wanted nothing to do with me all the years I had a high profile and touring gigs!!!  It's LABB BABY!! ALL THE WAY!!!!


great sticks, superior balance and hold up well. I recommend them to all players.

  • -James Woods
  • -Illinois

I like the acorn tip 5a's, but i figured id try a barrel pair this time around, in addition. Im getting a lot of questions on your sticks at shows, and it's been a pleasure spreading the word!

  • -John Bourgeois
  • -NOLA 

Great Quality and a solid process to ensure that customers have what they need when they need it !!!

  • -Jermal Watson
  • -NOLA 

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I'm enjoying using your sticks. I haven't even chipped a tip, much less broken one. Even the tips are keeping their shape. These sticks are indestructible! 

  • -Ben
  • -France

You asked for my feedback…


Used them for Jazz gigs and even an impromptu Hard rock gig…

God man! 

-John Lekkas

...been lasting me much longer than other sticks, especially with playing this often.

Thank you so much for the great product. I look forward to playing these every time.

 -Cory Paternoster


Still loving the sticks, holding up twice as long as big brothers.
Keep on spinning!

  • -Derek Able
  • -Georgia

Killer sticks man! Love the first two pair I ordered, and thanks for the extra pair! Next order may be a full brick! Thanks again!!

  • -John Kelpsch
  • -Louisiana

That killing new formula!

  • -Wayne Matthews
  • -NOLA
La BackBeat drummer Mike Burch

"The personal attention to wood selection combined with extreme levels of quality control and superb craftsmanship are what sets LA BackBeat aside from the major makers. Frank Kincel has long been recognized for his meticulous attention to detail and because of this I now proudly play and endorse his products."

Mike Burch

Lafayette, LA

Wayne Toups

La BackBeat drummer Blasien LeBlanc


"I'm a Proud supporter of LA Backbeat sticks because of the loyalty and quality of Local manufactured perfected drum sticks that exceed my expectations of getting the job done for me out on the road playing drums for Nashville recording artist Todd O'Neill"

Blasien Michael LeBlanc

Breaux Bridge LA

 Todd O'Neill Band

La BackBeat drummer Nick Hughes


"I've been loving them! They sound and feel great. Very impressed you're able to offer such quality at your price point! Wish I'd grabbed more now, I'll need to stock up before Jazz Fest!"

Nick Hughes

New Orleans LA

Nayo Jones 

La BackBeat drummer Kevin O'Day


"Great sticks!! Durable, balanced right, nice tips. Thanks Frank Kincel! Couldn't be happier. All the best man!!!"


Kevin O'Day

New Orleans, LA

 - Independent

La BackBeat drummer Gerard St. Julien Jr

"I used to go through two to three pair of brand name drumsticks a gig. Now I go through two to three gigs per pair of your (LA BackBeat)  sticks."


Gerard St.Julien jr.

Lafayette, LA

-Leroy Thomas & the Zydeco Roadrunners

La BackBeat drummer Peter Rost AKA River City Slim

I ordered some LA Backbeat sticks based on the advice of a friend on Facebook.  When they arrived I was immediately impressed with the look and feel, and have played nothing but these sticks on every gig since.  Durable?  I'm still playing that first pair!  I will be using nothing but LA Backbeat sticks for as long as Frank is still making them.

River City Slim

New Hartford, CT

Peter Rost

The Mighty Soul Drivers

Mighty Soul Drivers on Facebook

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River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs

Zydeco Hogs on Facebook

"The Pine Grove Blues" Thursdays 6-9 AM WWUH 91.3 FM West Hartford CT

Pine Grove Blues on Facebook

La BackBeat drummer Brad Webb


"LA Backbeats are the best feeling sticks I have ever played with. More importantly, I have never felt more comfortable nor had more freedom behind the kit than I do with LA Backbeats in my hands. The deep connection, attention to detail, and personal relationship Frank has with every pair of sticks is reflected in the quality of each stick and the quality in which he handles his business. I have complete trust in Frank and LA Backbeat sticks. I hope the quality of my music is reflective of that quality, trust and the relationship we have cultivated over the last several years."


Brad Webb

New Orleans, LA


La BackBeat drummer Mark Guilbeau


"La Backbeat sticks are far and away the most durable drum sticks I have ever used. Great balance and feel. I am privileged to know Mr. Kincel and see first hand the attention to detail he puts into every single stick."



Mark Guilbeau

Lafayette, LA

Charlo and the Swampers, Cajun on Demand, Don Fontinue and Friends of Louisiana

La BackBeat drummer Aaron Boudreaux


"LA Backbeat is everything I love about playing music. Unique, durable sticks that have a feel like no other, with the quality you'd expect from someone with as much experience and passion as Frank. Not to mention that there's something special about making music with a product made in my hometown, by someone I grew up respecting. I'm just waiting for LABB to start making drum kits. I got dibs on the first one."

Aaron Boudreaux

New Orleans LA


La BackBeat drummer Gino Vallecillo

"I play the 5B oval tip. I have been with this company for a little less than a year now and I wouldn't have it any other way. The sticks are hands down the best I have ever played and Frank Kincel always goes out of his way to make sure I am taken care of. If you're a drummer who cares about quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an overall superior finished product; LA Backbeat is where it's at!"


Gino Vallecillo

Lafayette LA


La BackBeat drummer Jack Langlinais


"By far the best sticks out there! The attention to detail is obvious when you hold the sticks in your hands. The quality easily surpasses that of the "big name" sticks. I never feel like the sticks are working against me, it's like they play themselves. As many distractions from the music I can cut out the better."

Jack Langlinais

Lafayette LA

Independent / Brass Mimosa

La BackBeat drummer Doug Nicko

"LA BackBeat drum sticks just feel so good & natural to play in the Blues & Rock music I'm in to. My search for the perfect sticks is now complete."

 Doug Nicko

Breaux Bridge La

La BackBeat drummer Taylor Jordan Bourque


"Long before I ever picked up a pair of LA Backbeats, Frank's stories of his adventures while learning the stick manufacturing trade, and his accounts of how meticulously he looks after the entire process, from raw wood to finished sticks, had me yearning to give them a try. Now that I have, I can safely say I'll never be needing any other "big brand" sticks, nor will I miss breaking through them like the toys they are. Durability aside, the well balanced feel allows me to truly focus on the beats at hand! LA Backbeat Drumsticks are serious tools for the discerning drummer. You are wasting your time by using anything else!"

Taylor Jordan Bourque

Lafayette, LA


La BackBeat drummer Jeff Fite


I have been in conversation with Frank about getting some custom sticks for about a year. Sadly, his equipment problems kept this from happening, but I stuck it out...and I'm very happy I did! I ordered two different models; one for jazz and the other for the heavier rock and snare drum work I do. These are as good, if not better, than any other stick I've ever played in my 47 years of drumming. The feel, balance, bead articulation, and weight of the stick is excellent! Great product...great price...and a great businessman. I will be ordering more as gifts for my students! Thank you, Frank...keep it up my friend!!


Jeff Fite

Mundelein, IL