About LA BackBeat

LA BackBeat (LABB) is owned and operated by drummer Frank Kincel who started making drumsticks in 2013. LA BackBeat makes durable, long lasting, handcrafted drumsticks and drums, located in a small shop on the edge of downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. A lifelong pursuit, Frank Kincel started playing "drums" in 1979 and has played professionally over three decades. He has worked in music retail over 15 years, honing his skills as a journeyman in the craft of drums, percussion and the objects that strike them. Every drumstick is handled by Frank, every step of the way, from board to finished product.

All LABB drumstick creating is done in house sourced from regional materials and suppliers. Think along the lines of either a small craft brewery, distillery or vineyard. Every board is hand selected before it becomes drumsticks. A lot of pride, thought and attention to detail goes into every step (and there are many) to produce drumsticks at LA BackBeat. Quality control is part of every process, every step of the way.  At this time, LABB can make about 200-400 drumsticks per day… and that is a hustle. For some perspective, the major drumstick manufacturers make 25,000 to 100,000 pieces PER DAY! 

A full compliment of professional drum services is also available including repairs, refurbs, restorations, bearing edges, drilling, and snare beds.

Frank Kincel has worked professionally as a drummer over 25 years and has worked in the drum retail industry for over 13 years. He brings a lifetime of music knowledge and trade skill to the manufacturing and business of drums, drumsticks and percussion.