About LABB sticks

Here at LA Backbeat (Louisiana BackBeat or The Backbeat), the drumstick making process is still in development stages. During this early time, sticks are constantly improving through research and development. There is a constant, conscientious attention to detail and how the drumstick can be improved.


Durable LA BackBeat drumsticks are made with hand-selected American Hickory. The grain structure and density of the wood are important in creating a good durable product, and all wood is hand-select to obtain the best of both characteristics. Both sapwood and heartwood, along with combinations of both, are used to create fine quality handcrafted drumsticks.


LA BackBeat drumsticks are made standard sizes and tips available including 2B(635), 5B(595), 55A(580), 5A(565), 85A(550) and 7A(535/520) with special sizing available by request. All standard stick models are available in Acorn, Oval, Barrel, and Ball tips. Nearly all LA BackBeat drumsticks are 16" long in length with sizes .535"(7A) and smaller being 15.5"(15 1/2") standard. All sticks can be made up to a 16.5" length with an "X" prefix signifying extended length. All sticks can be made to custom lengths accommodating individual tastes. Please contact LA BackBeat for special order details.

LA BackBeat offers a standard length taper for a more traditional weight balanced drumstick. Also, there is a short taper drumstick with more forward weight, FW prefix, that is more aggressive for modern, louder playing styles. As well as a long taper with less forward weight, the J and B prefix, that provides more rebound and bounce geared for more stick response in lighter, jazzier playing environments. The J may also apply to the lighter weight of a standard taper model.


All LaBB drumsticks are finished with a light coat of eco friendly lacquer. This finish is safe for use in the shop without utilizing filters and also safe for the environment. After being introduced in early 2018, feedback has been very positive. The formula is being refined.