170604 Growing pains

Posted by Frank Kincel on

Alas, my attempts to avoid a wood shortage have... well... fallen short. I have tried to keep ahead of this, however, I am at the mercy of my suppliers and I do not want to make an inferior product than the one we have all come to enjoy. Rest assured, I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I am actually utilizing the wait time to do some upgrades to the finishing side of stick making, along with some machine maintenance. The past few days I have been making yet another sander revision and the coming week will see development in a new lacquer application process. Less time, energy and noise to yield a better finish that I hope everyone will like. There is also a new branding process on the horizon... just have to get through these little growing pains first.

Those that are waiting on sticks, thanks for your patience. I do not like this situation anymore than you do.


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