LaBB new year '17

Posted by Frank Kincel on

New year, New LaBB report. So this year marks three years since I started making sticks. It has definitely been an encyclopedia of information learned, on top of what I already knew. There have been ups and downs in raw material supply and now there is an Moisture Content challenge with the large lumber order I recently acquired. There has also been camaraderie among other stick makers and also some rumblings of bigger contracts in the pipeline. Sticks have started to make traction in local markets @ Scott's Drum Center, as well as the southern region @ Lake Charles Music, along with some outposts on the NW coast @ Revival Drum Shop. Keep an eye out for a special stick headed up to the fine folks at Revival. 

Sticks have been sent all over the United States and also to the UK and now France.

Myself and my buddy Chris, with Three on the Floor, will be headed back to Chicago this year for the 2017 Chicago Drum Show. If you're in the neighborhood come by and check out some sticks and LOTS of cool drums and stuff.

Off to bed to cut more lumber.


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