Player J520 tear drop

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J520 tear drop
  • .520" diameter,å¬ÌÏ
  • standardå¬ÌÏtaperå¬ÌÏ
  • thin neck & tear drop tipå¬ÌÏ
  • 15 1/2" lengthå¬ÌÏ
  • lighter standard weight

-this stick came out of prototyping from an old jazz stick. I have used this stick in light trio settings alternating with brushes and it is very light and articulate. The tip has many subtleties.

- LA BackBeat Hickory Drumsticks
DURABLE, hand made, small batch

No stick made at LA BackBeat is a direct copy of another stick. Each LA BackBeat model is unique.å¬ÌÏ